Goats need the abiltiy to get minerals free choice.  Even though a fed mix is said to be for goats, it is rare that they eat enough to get all of the minerals they need.  Feeding free choice minerals in a block or loose form allows the goats to get the minerals they may be lacking in their diet.  Block minerals for goats often crumble and fall on the ground and get stepped on etc.  I prefer to feed the loose minerals in the feeders shown on the right.

These mineral feeders are easy to make out of 4 inch PVC piping material.   They will hold up for years.

Materials needed:

1 foot section of 4 inch pvc piping
45º angle for the bottom
2 end cap adaptors for the screw on caps
2 screw on end caps

Place the 45ºangle on the end of the tubing and screw the end cap onto the bottom of that.  Do not glue it because you may eventually need to clean the bottom out and you can screw it right off.

Then put  a screw on adaptor and cap on the top.

Attach the feeders inside the stalls or someplace where rain cannot get in them.  Put them low enough that all the goats can reach them but try not to put them so low that they put their feet in them.  Occasionally I have to scoop nannyberries out of mine, but not often.  Fill them as needed.