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Do’s and Don’ts When Traveling with Your Pet

Traveling with your pet can be fun if you plan ahead and take the appropriate steps to ensure the trip is a success. Our team at Sale Creek Veterinary Services wants to help by offering do’s and don’ts when traveling with your pet. DO ensure your pet is healthy enough to travel Traveling can be [...]

6 Reasons Pets Need Protection From Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks can not only cause significant health issues for your pet, but can also transmit certain diseases to you and your family. Our team at Sale Creek Veterinary Services wants to explain why flea and tick prevention is an important part of your pet’s health care plan. #1: Fleas can cause flea allergy [...]

3 Common Kidding and Lambing Complications

If you have pregnant does or ewes, you are likely getting ready for kidding and lambing season. New lambs and kids are adorable, but serious complications can occur when they’re born, if you aren’t prepared. Our team at Sale Creek Veterinary Services wants to help by providing information about common kidding and lambing complications. #1: [...]

Crown Jewels—The 5 Facets of a Pet Dental Cleaning

At Sale Creek Veterinary Services, we believe your pet’s dental health plays a key role in their overall wellbeing, and can add years to their life. Unfortunately, by age 3, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs show periodontal (i.e., dental) disease signs. Fortunately, with advances in veterinary dentistry, we are now able to provide [...]

Do’s and Don’ts for Preventing Puppy Behavioral Problems

Puppies can develop unwanted behaviors if they aren’t socialized and trained properly, and while many people think chewing and other undesirable behaviors are normal for puppies, these issues can be prevented, if addressed appropriately. Our team at Sale Creek Veterinary Services wants to help by providing do’s and don’ts to prevent behavior problems in your [...]

Parasite Prevention—A Year-Round Necessity for Pet Owners

Parasites can cause many dangerous issues for your pet, and some can remain active year round. Our team at Sale Creek Veterinary Services wants to explain why continuous parasite prevention is important to keep your pet healthy. Cats and dogs need year-round protection against fleas Fleas can survive near freezing temperatures, and in temperate areas [...]

Pancrea-What? Understanding Pancreatitis in Pets

The pancreas is a delicate, small, and unique organ situated in the abdomen, near the stomach, that plays vital roles in digestion and endocrine function, including the production of insulin and other hormones that help regulate blood glucose. When your pet ingests a meal, the pancreas activates digestive enzymes and fluids, and sends them to [...]

What Pet Owners Need to Know About Pet Obesity and Weight Management

Can you pinch an inch, or more, on your pet? Overweight pets are no laughing matter, since excess weight can cause several significant health problems. Our team at Sale Creek Veterinary Services would like to provide information on pet obesity, and offer advice on how to best manage your pet’s weight. Why is my pet’s [...]

Simple Tips for a Stress-Free Veterinary Visit With Your Pet

At one time or another, most owners have been embarrassed by their anxious pet’s behavior at the veterinary hospital, but when you stop and think about it, we are asking a lot of our pets when we take them for an appointment. We think they will behave the same way they do when they’re relaxed [...]

Leptospirosis—A Shared Disease Among Pets, Farm Animals, and Humans

Leptospirosis is a debilitating disease that affects many animals, and can also be transmitted to humans. Our team at Sale Creek Veterinary Service would like to inform you about this harmful bacterial infection, to ensure you know how to safeguard yourself, your pets, and your farm animals. What pets and farm animals are susceptible to [...]

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