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What Pet Owners Need to Know About Pet Obesity and Weight Management

Can you pinch an inch, or more, on your pet? Overweight pets are no laughing matter, since excess weight can cause several significant health problems. Our team at Sale Creek Veterinary Services would like to provide information on pet obesity, and offer advice on how to best manage your pet’s weight. Why is my pet’s [...]

Leptospirosis—A Shared Disease Among Pets, Farm Animals, and Humans

Leptospirosis is a debilitating disease that affects many animals, and can also be transmitted to humans. Our team at Sale Creek Veterinary Service would like to inform you about this harmful bacterial infection, to ensure you know how to safeguard yourself, your pets, and your farm animals. What pets and farm animals are susceptible to [...]

Pets Give Their Opinions On July Fourth Safety

Your neighbors are planning a huge blow-out party for the July Fourth holiday. You are considering joining the festivities, but wonder how your pet will react to the excitement. The team at Sale Creek Veterinary Services decided to poll the neighborhood pets for their opinions about the upcoming revelry. Pet poll #1: Sara the Siamese: [...]

The Trouble With Ticks for Livestock and Pets

Ticks are a big problem in our area, and can transmit diseases causing severe and chronic illness, possibly leading to death in livestock and pets. Tick prevention, and awareness of early disease signs, are essential tools to help keep your animals healthy. The Sale Creek Veterinary Services team encourages you to learn more about tick-borne [...]

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